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Alyssa sat in the office and stared at the garden blankly.

Avery wont stop.

They have always lived arrogantly with their rights and have long forgotten their duty.

Those born as Avery had never been noble, so they did not know how to care for others.

The royal family will continue to commit these things, and Cambridge will never forget the wound Avery inscribed.

Alyssa swallows hot saliva.

Even if she thought about it, there was only one thing Alyssa could do.

‘I have to leave…

Maybe someday it will happen.

And she thought vaguely.

She thought she might have to leave this place.

It was Alyssas only comfort.

She abandoned the garden and left the secrets in it.


To a place where even her only friend can no longer see her.

Alyssas drooping shoulders trembled.

Why the hell is Avery trying to give up their duty while claiming to be the royal family Why do they persecute the people of the kingdom without protecting them Did the kingdom lose only Kendrick They lost their family in a battle that the royal family waged.

Even so, the royal family and the king do not feel any guilt.

There is no hope in this royal family.

The successor to the next generation was also no different from the king.

It was a secret that only Sasha knew that Alyssa drained all of her budgets and sent money to the dead knights bereaved families.

However, Alyssas trivial efforts were to be left behind in front of the royal arrogance.



“Is there a need for a royal family”

Even with these poignant words in her mouth, Alyssa did not hesitate at all.

Sasha felt embarrassed.

She wasnt asking for an answer, so she smiled.

What can be done in a world where thinking like this is a rebellion.

Alyssa raised her lips.

She put her hand on the window with a big smile.

It is better not to have such a royal family.

A country that has lost its people has no future.

The king who failed his people has no hope.

Since public sentiment has already turned its back on the royal family, there is no future or hope in this kingdom.

Alyssas purple eyes sunk darkly.

If this is the royal family, it might be better to collapse.

Alyssa blinks her eyes and clears all of her resentment.

And she stared at Sasha with an expressionless face.

“I have to write a letter, Sasha.”

“What kind of letter…”

“I need to return the remains of Kendrick to Cambridge.”

She doesnt know if it will work, but it would still be better than doing nothing.

She didnt want to leave anything but trouble for Cambridge.

It was from that day.

Alyssa started sending hundreds of submissions to the royal family without an answer.


As it was urgent, Alyssa headed for Count Bordeaux the next day.

It is the first time since her marriage that she is on her way to a place other than the royal family.

Alyssas gaze diligently glanced outside the window.

This is because Averys stigma may cause harm to Cambridge, so she refrained from going out.

“Sasha, can you see there”

“What is it”

“Isnt it beautiful because its snowing”

Sasha glanced over the streets Alyssa was seeing.

Shes insensitive to such things, but her master didnt miss a small thing.

It may be because the royal repression did not allow her to look outside properly.

Sasha opened the window for Alyssa.

Cold air leaked into the carriage, but Alyssa just breathed in it and smiled brightly.

Shes a person who likes to look outside, so she knew it.

Sasha touched her messy hair with a smiling face.

“Do you like it”


Ive never been in a carriage like this on a snowy day.”

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Alyssa nodded her head as she couldnt even think about it.

“Would it look sadder because we are passing through the white world so quickly”

“Look at it to your hearts content.

Shall we tell the coachman to go around the road It would be okay to stop by your favorite bakery on the way.”


Alyssa replied indifferently and turned her head outside.

Her eyes sparkled as she looked out.

Sasha thought that while she was doing her business at Count Bordeaux, she would tell the coachman that they could go back from the proper route.


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