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“Iron ore business”

“It must be successful.

Tell Pauline to bring all the data related to the iron ore business.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Seidrick arranged what he had to do in his head.

His inside is complicated.

His eyes, sunken in darkness, looked into the garden.

On days when he had a lot of worries, he used to walk around the forest and plant the garden.

He liked doing physical labor without thinking as it clears his mind.

‘It will be difficult in the future.

He has to work tirelessly so that he can barely get close to his goal.

Still, Alyssa wasnt in Seidricks trouble.

He was overwhelmed by thinking about his brother and thinking about the royal family.

The royal family has to pay a reasonable price.

The price of destroying and crushing the skies of Cambridge.

Seidricks eyes shone blue with anger.


Alyssa didnt see Seidrick, not for a day, not for a month.

He didnt step into the mansion for her to see as he was so busy.

Alyssa was a ghost in Cambridge mansion.

There was nothing she could do.

The maids and employees seemed to listen to Alyssas words with respect, but in conclusion, nothing went according to Alyssas will.

However, she couldnt say anything to the people in the mansion who were overcome with grief of the loss of Kendrick and the rage toward the royal family.

Thanks to Sasha, Alyssa was able to live.


Juliana didnt come out from the room, and Ophelia stared at Alyssa and made all sorts of wicked language when she encountered Alyssa.

‘Do you feel good Her Majesty comes in, and my brother leaves the house.

Oh, is it your purpose to kick my brothers out and kill them one by one like this

Eventually, Alyssa didnt go out of the room either.


Sasha burst into tears.

Sasha was a wind of tears every day.

Rather, it was Alyssa who was used to pretending to be okay.

“Its okay, it keeps happening.”

“How are you okay Im so upset too! What did our poor lady do wrong”

Alyssa smiled bitterly.

“Maybe it was wrong to be born into the Avery family.”

“Dont say that!”

Sasha, skillfully braided Alyssas hair to fix it.

She was about to take a walk in the garden for the first time when Sasha said that it would be better to take a walk than to stay inside.

Alyssa loved autumn most.

Autumn, a beautiful season.

Red and yellow, and the sky is blue.

As she walked through the autumn, Alyssa, who was empty, seemed to be full.

“But youll feel better after taking a walk.

If you dont want to get attached to a person, just get attached to the garden.

Cambridges gardens are one of the most beautiful in the kingdom.”

“Is that right Then can I see the cosmos colony”

Asked Alyssa with a shy expression as if she were a flower.

Sasha nodded.


The sunlight is burning today, so please wear a hat.

This dress would be good.”

Sasha gave Alyssa, who smiled after a long time, a parasol that matches her clothes.

After hesitating for a while, Sasha guarded Alyssas back as she left the room.

The attention of the people of the Cambridge mansion turned to Alyssa, but no one was interested in what she was doing.

It was rather comfortable with that.

The employees seemed busy about what was going on, but Alyssa and Sasha were alienated and couldnt hear any news.

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Alyssa walked quickly, avoiding the criticism and glances that would fall on her.

Brilliant sunlight poured over her head.

Everything in autumn, the sunshine, the wind and the smell.

After a long time, Alyssa took a deep breath of the outside air and spread it all over her body.

Before coming down, she checked the direction of the garden.

It seemed quite a long way to go, but thats about it.

Alyssa took a deep breath and stepped into the garden.

As she had dreamed, she became a bride of autumn, but she was not happy at all.

When she was young, she promised to be a happy bride… Alyssa smiled bitterly.

Alyssa walked through the well-organized forest.

It wasnt difficult for the gardener to prune and walk.

It was a well-maintained garden so that you could walk even wearing shoes.


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