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“Madam You came early today.

Did you have lunch”

“Yes, I did.

Did Gilbert have lunch”

“I ate the pancakes Mona made yesterday.

I want to tell you that it was delicious.

Thank you for your kindness.”


Gilbert watched Alyssa tilt her head and swallowed his words.

She doesnt seem to know its what Seidrick asked for.

Seidricks clear transparent inside like water doesnt look like so these days…

Gilbert sighed and smiled kindly.

“Im so glad that you liked it, Madam.”

“Thanks, I had a happy birthday.”


Thats also fortunate.

Mona is inside.”

She came out after sharing a cup of tea with Mona, who welcomed her.

Outside the hut, Gilbert was hanging around.

While Alyssa was drinking her tea, Seidrick changed clothes and headed towards the garden.

He wanted to fish while holding the bucket and to cook fish by the river.

Gilbert doesnt know why the rich master is so fond of the nativity there.

Gilbert didnt hate Alyssa.

He doesnt know the insider situation of the complicated high people.

Just as Gilbert saw her as Alyssa was.

Alyssa is more susceptible than others, and although she may be soft on the outside, she was a strong person.

She was the one to move forward rather than back her back in crisis.

She is the one who has the power to tackle the countless things that are happening in Cambridge.

Even though Gilbert and Mona live slightly apart, they are not ignorant of the mansions rumors.

They were also hearing about what Cambridge was going through.

So he knew for granted what Alyssa was doing for Cambridge.

She becomes a direct shield for Ophelia, and she is giving her forward-provisioned budget for other use.

There were no places untouched by Alyssa throughout the mansion in Cambridge.

Alyssa was a pretty good mistress.

Not long ago, when the youngest son of an employee had a boiling fever, Alyssa sent medicine with the doctor to the attendants house, who knocked on the mansion door at a late hour without obtaining medication.

It was well done for everyone because Alyssa gave a decent reward to the doctor in Cambridge.

There were no servants who would not be attracted to such a nice and kind mistress.

They even forget that she has Averys veins.

But Alyssa often looked very clumsy, complex, and lonely.

Seidrick is a warm and friendly person in contrast to her.

Now hes a bit crooked by Kendricks death, but his nature doesnt change.

Surely he will be a nice person to Alyssa.

Hes a person full of warmth enough to fill Alyssas solitude.

So, Gilbert was lingering outside, worried that Alyssa might go another way.

“Oh, madam.

Where are you going”

So he urgently asked Alyssa.


Im going to go to the azalea colony over there.

Have the flowers bloomed by now”

“Rather, why dont you go to the stream over there Originally, spring comes first to the waterfront.”

“Is that so That wouldnt be bad either.”

Alyssa smiled coolly.

Then, at Gilberts recommendation, she turned her direction toward the stream.

Gilbert saw her off.


The water was still cold, but it was bearable.

Seidrick stepped into the water with his pants rolled up.


He came here after a long time, and his mind was relaxed.

It feels like the exhaustion has been wholly forgotten.

He quietly held his breath and drove the fish into the net.


“Wow! You got it! Did you really catch it”

It was Alyssa.

The woman, holding the hat in her hand, screamed at him.

Seidrick raised his head.

It wasnt that he hadnt thought of it.

No, maybe he expected it.

If he comes here, he might be able to see Alyssa.

He tried so hard to erase her from his head completely, but it wasnt easy because there was always Alyssa on the other side.

A source who had been asking for rumors about Alyssa also played a part.

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Actually, more than that.

He couldnt get rid of the lonely person who had reached out her hand to Seidrick to make friends.

How does a person look so empty…

Seidrick blinked.

Alyssa was smiling like that day.

Shes smiling brightly in the sea of

sunlight, but he cant think of anything when shes smiling with a face that doesnt have anything dirty in the world.


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