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Cambridge won the southern iron ore business this time.

Do you know that”

“Yes, your Majesty.”

The king smiled as he stretched his words on purpose.

“It is difficult to convert the value of iron into money.

I mean, what you call a price in this era and age.

This will bring Cambridge a huge wealth.

But it doesnt look like Ive gotten rid of it because Im bringing it up in Cambridge.”

In the end, he wanted it, but there was no one to look down on, so he told Alyssa to steal it.

Its easy to talk about things like Cambridges proof of ownership.

It was difficult, but it wasnt that difficult because there were as many cards left to the queen that could coax Alyssa.

If this could cover Norfes work and establish Crunos position.

Besides, one more thing.

Vanessas marriage was to be pursued, but the king regretted the dowry to be spent on his daughter.

Because Alyssa and Vanessa are different, the amount paid will be different.

Even for Vanessa, who is sharpened by the marriage that is delayed from day to day, she should also bring up the story of a marriage as a pretext.

“Ill tell her.

The princess is clever and understands very well, so she will surely be able to do something that will satisfy you.”

“Good thing.”

So again, an agreement between the king and queen went back and forth.

Of course, it was such an agreement that it would never be suitable for anyone.



Its excellent because I havent eaten it in a long time.

Its seasoned moderately by sprinkling salt on it.”

“Is that so”


And I think its more delicious because I met my friend after a long time.”

“Thank God.”

Seidrick replied bluntly.

It was even more challenging after that, after meeting Alyssa, who he had been avoiding, and finally admitting that he cares about her.

But he couldnt shake Alyssa in such a nasty state of mind right now.

Is that all that

Alyssa looked very good compared to before.

She smiled much better, and although her body was thin, he was told that her relationship with the people of the mansion had improved a lot.

Maybe shell gain weight again.

Now that there will be only good things, he wanted to protect Alyssa a little more.

Still, seeing her eating like a child with fish crumbs around her mouth…

Seidrick cleared his throat.

“Oh, I guess theres something on my face.”

Alyssa frowned and laughed, then brushed her face.

It was a little embarrassing and funny to show this in front of her only friend.

“It feels like weve become more friendly.

Sid, youre all out”


Alyssa laughed at Seidricks answer.

He is blunt, but like someone who knows in advance that she will come, he always takes care of her.

For example, this cup.

Like tea that two people should drink.

‘I think I made an excellent friend.

A deep smile fell on Alyssas face.

How bright it looks…

Seidrick glanced at Alyssa.

He turned his head.

Strangely, he is endlessly weakened by that smiling face.

It was such a face that made him take care of her even if he tried to turn away.

He tried to look forward.

He was trying to focus on the stream that sparkles like fish scales in the sun.

From the side, the wind with Alyssas soft floral scent was blowing toward Seidrick.

The foxtail grass he stepped on must be buried somewhere in the garden.

When he looked at the foxtail grass again, he thought of Kendrick.

He has no confidence not to blame Avery.

While he resents the royal family, he is not confident of facing Alyssa.

Even so, he keeps looking at her.

A contradictory mind struck the inside of Seidrick.

The unexpected situations that pushed him into this situation were resentful.

But still…

It may be because of that smile that brightens even his heart, making him feel lucky to have Alyssa by his side.

Foxtail grass tickling the tip of his nose comes back to life.

Kendricks big hand, who playfully hugged Seidrick.

The friendly voice swept his head and called him brother.

Damn it, foxtail grass.

Seidricks eyes were dim.

Being by Alyssas side, he couldnt help but have fun and become dark like hell.


Seidrick took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

Alyssas voice, babbling like a lark from the side, gradually faded.


Just because he admitted it, it didnt make him comfortable.

It was like he was going crazy.



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