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Sasha stole tears as the doctor lit the fireplace while examining Alyssa.

Shes sick and tired of the royal family.

She doesnt know why this happens again and again.

The royal family should just collapse! Blow the hell out of here!

No matter how much she prays, such a miracle wont happen.

Sasha rubbed her red eyes.

The doctor took this opportunity to check the condition of Alyssas body everywhere.

He had more trouble with her thin wrists, which seemed more challenging to lift a spoon than it was wet with water.

It appeared that she would break again anytime soon.

“…Is the Madam alright”

Sasha, who made the fireplace burn, carefully asked the doctor.

Even though she knows its not okay, she asks.

The doctor sighed.

“…She is malnourished.

She seems to be unable to eat properly…”

“She has anorexia.”

“Is she taking medication”

She had told Alyssa, who vomited, to take medicine several times, but she shook her head every time.

She said she knows it anyway, and shell be okay soon.


“…I will make some medicine.

Dont forget to bring it to each meal.”


Sasha nodded her head.

Shed instead take this opportunity to make her well.

Alyssa passed out, but she seems to be sleeping well, and a doctor also examined her.

‘Its rather good.

Sasha tried hard to deceive herself like that.

Until Alyssa wakes up.


After taking a bath, Seidrick looked around the clean office.

Pauline, who had been sent for an errand, returns.

Her face remained submerged in the water as if she had heard of the uproar that had been here.

“…Are the documents intact”

Seidrick handed the papers to Pauline, who asked.

It was a letter of ownership of the iron ore mine.


Unlike Seidrick, who paid the right amount of money and bought it, the royal familys audacity seeking to take it over was amazing.

Besides, to buy it with Princess Alyssa.

As she reported to Seeadrick about Alyssas dealings with the royal family, she became unwittingly growing antipathy for the royal family.

The queen plays Alyssa like a puppet, and Vanessa spears her hand at Alyssa.

There was also Norfe, who occasionally insulted Alyssa, and Cruno, who looked at her like a worm.

In the first place, the king never met…

Pauline inflated her cheek.

“But how did you know The princess wont take it.”

“…Alyssa, I know, she isnt that kind of person.”

“You are firm in your faith.”

Pauline said in a slightly lighter voice.

It had already happened, and as Seidrick said, Alyssa didnt take the letter.

“She likes flowers, and she likes to listen to the sound of flowing streams.

Shes a person who likes spring and fluttering fish.

She seems to like deer and rabbits that pass by from time to time, and she thinks very much about picking and eating fruits.”

Pauline tilted her head as Seidrick spoke out of the blue.

She was wondering if it had anything to do with believing in Alyssa.

“…How would such a person do something that would harm others.

Id rather be sick of myself.”

Seidrick slowly exhaled a long breath.

“Its because you havent known her properly.”

Seidrick laughed bitterly.

“More than I thought… Shes a person who is driving me crazy.”

She looked like she was going to crumble any time soon, so she often overturned Seidrick.

Like today.

Seidrick took away his dangerously shaking gaze.

Besides, wouldnt he be dead if he had done something wrong today

“…you dont even know.

Im glad, though.

Because you did not give up your expectations.”

Pauline sorted the papers, put them back in the safe, and said.

“What should I do now The royal family will interfere in our future affairs.”

“…I cant help it yet.

However, Pauline.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Can you find out where the royal money is flowing now”

“Yeah, of course, its not that difficult.

Do you need anything else”

“For now…”

Seidrick put his eyes down.

A stupid thought kept stirring in his head.

‘I wonder if there is a need for a royal family like this.


Seidrick gazed over his desk with thinned eyes.

There were portraits of Seidrick, Kendrick, and finally, Ophelia.

‘Kendrick, what would you have done



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