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So Paulines holding on to Alyssa was for another reason.

“Thank you, Duchess.

I think you paid a more valuable price than this money.”

She remembered that Seidrick had talked about more value than investing.

And this proved that he was right.

To Pauline, Alyssa looked more like a golden duck than the one Seidrick gave to the royal family.

When Alyssa faced Paulines sincere smile, she paused.

“…If thats the case, Im glad.”

Then Alyssa left the office.

As if the business is over.

Pauline was taken away, looking at the blank check with her ecstatic eyes.

Of course, it was Seidrick, who was shaking off his crumpled clothes.

“What if I accept this”

“Then wont you take it Taking it will also help the Duchess heart to be more secure.

But how did the princess save this money”

“I dont know.

Dont pay attention to it, Pauline.

Im not the first person to do the wrong thing.”


“Well… Anyway, I have received these things… I am not sorry for anything that the royal family has stolen.”

Seidrick glanced at Pauline as if it were ridiculous.

“Its really nice that the madam is such a capable person.”

“Youre a snob, you.”

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“An honest snob is better.

Rather than extorting from behind.”

“Oh, thats true.”

While answering so, Seidrick stretched out the blank check and fiddled with it.

He doesnt know if its okay to receive this from Alyssa.

Should he be spending Alyssas money

She is now a member of Cambridge, and protecting those who belonged to the family was Seidricks job as the head.

His heart became heavy.

That was when he realized a fact that wasnt very pleasing.

Alyssa feels a sense of debt to what she received and wants to pay it somehow off, ever since the marriage.

And she did pay for it.

‘Were not a family.

Seidrick chewed on the bitter truth.

When Alyssa looks back on her experiences in Cambridge, it may not be unusual, but this heartache may be because he has taken her into his heart.

Seidrick stared at the blank check in his hand as if it were a waste.

He didnt want to use it, but he also seemed to think he would deny Alyssas mind.

She is a difficult woman in many ways.

Seidrick sighed.

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It was Pauline who put an end to his worries.

“What are you worrying about, sir.

You can just think of me, who is suffering from financial difficulties.”

Then he laughs shamelessly and hides the blank check in his files.

“If you feel like that, we can do something better for you later.”

Doing something better.

Seidrick shook his head.

“Not bad.”

It would not be harmful to apologize to Alyssa and give her something she would like in a better situation.

By this time, Seidrick thought that he would have a chance.

Alyssa will wait as long as Seidrick needs.

As he looked back later, he didnt have that much thought.

Later, he realized that this was a better situation than the future, which Seidrick thought was the worst.



Her mind was a little lighter.

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Even though Cambridge could not be restored with it if she avoided it, his heart was like that.

Is it because Alyssa did it directly for Cambridge

However, her minds subtlety is that it seems like she had paid the ransom for herself.

The royal family, Alyssas father, sold her.

That kind of family.

Alyssa burst into laughter.

The strangely distorted royal family casually does things that others could not imagine.

Immoral, unethical, and inhumane things.

The royal family is the people who represent the country, and they are no different from the pride of the people.

That is why they must maintain dignity, be more exemplary than anyone else, and have nothing to be ashamed of when presented to others.

In addition, the royal family must protect the people and defend the state.

Then, what on earth is the current royal family doing

Have they already lost their meaning of existence and are only pursuing their vested interests while putting the country at risk


Ironically speaking.

Is such a royal family essential in the present country

Alyssa raised her head.

The sunlight piercing her eyes was sadly dazzling.

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